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View Passport's:
    Serial Number (we do not record this)
    Master Fingerprint (commonly called Master XFP)
    Reversed Fingerprint (a different fingerprint format used by some wallets)
    Master Extended Public Key (commonly called Master XPUB)
By clicking the Regulatory button you can also view the required FCC and CE labels. To learn more about our regulatory compliance, see the below link.


Update the firmware or view the current firmware version.

Update Firmware

Update Passport's firmware from a .bin file on a microSD card. Passport only allows you to upgrade to a firmware version that is the same or newer; there is no way to downgrade Passport's firmware.
By default, Passport can only install firmware signed by Foundation Devices. Expert users can, however, add their own public key to Passport and sign their own firmware. Learn more about this feature at the below link.

Current Version

View the current firmware version and boot counter.

Boot Counter

The total number of times Passport has booted. While not currently used for anything, an expert user can make note of this number as an extra security check.
This video guides you through the steps required to update the firmware on Passport.


Create a new backup, Verify that a backup is still valid, and more. Learn more at the below link.

Screen Brightness

Adjust Passport's screen brightness.

Auto Shutdown

Adjust the time before Passport automatically shuts down. By default this is set to 2 minutes.


Import multisig configuration files and change multisig settings. Learn more at the link below.


Create and rename accounts.
By default, Passport has a single account at #0 which can be used for single-sig and multisig transactions.
Expert users can create multiple accounts with the New Account selection and choose an account number and name.
Rename accounts by selecting the account name and choosing Rename.
This video shows the steps required to use multiple accounts on Passport.


Advanced settings. Learn more at the link below.
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