Firmware Updates

Downloading the Firmware

Updating the firmware on Passport will ensure your device benefits from the latest features and security updates. Our latest firmware version is v1.0.7 and should only ever be downloaded from our GitHub or this support site.

Verifying the Firmware

Passport will only install firmware signed by 2-of-4 Foundation Devices keys. Expert users can add their own public key to Passport if they wish to build and sign their own firmware. Learn more about this feature here.

Firmware Source Verification

To verify the firmware available for download is published by a legitimate source, from v1.0.8 we now sign all firmware releases for users to verify. The public key producing this signature can be imported from our website, GitHub or downloaded directly below.
Once downloaded, the key can be imported using gpg --import foundation_key.pgp
The key ID should be 57C004A520148A68
The key fingerprint is E7FA 9F9E 3477 BA54 9091 B6A7 57C0 04A5 2014 8A68
Signing Key Import
Next, download the signature file published with the firmware release on GitHub to the same folder as the firmware file. The signature file will be appended with .sig.
Open the folder containing the two files in a terminal window and run:-
gpg --verify passport-fw-1.0.8-beta.bin.sig
Signature Verification
The above command is an example only and must be amended to suit the firmware version being verified.
For this step to be considered successful, look for the term Good Signature. This means that provided signature was produced by the person in control of the published signing key that can be found on this page, our website and our GitHub.
WARNING: This key is not certified with a trusted signature means that PGP doesn't place a high level of trust in the key downloaded from the internet. For this to be a fully trusted key, it would need to be verified in person. Due to practicalities, most people do not do this and instead look to verify a key from multiple different online sources.

Firmware Contents Verification - Command Line

Advanced users can verify the integrity of the firmware contents prior to installing onto the device by using the sha256 function in the terminal of their computer. The resulting hash can then be compared with the one published by our developer team on GitHub.
Download the firmware and run shasum -b -a 256 passport-fw-1.0.7.bin, ensuring that the firmware version is amended to the file being checked.
sha256 hash result on Passport firmware

Firmware Contents Verification - On Passport

This file integrity check can also be achieved on Passport. Download the firmware onto a microSD card, insert this into the device and then go to:-
Settings > Advanced > MicroSD Settings > List Files > Then press 'select' on the .bin file.
The resulting hash can then be compared with the one published by our developer team on our GitHub.

Installing the Firmware

Passport firmware updates are done using a .bin file, found on this page or our GitHub. This file is passed to the device via microSD card. Passport only allows you to upgrade to a firmware version that is the same or newer than the one currently installed. There is no way to downgrade Passport's firmware.
Once the firmware has been downloaded and copied to the microSD card, insert this into Passport then head to, Settings > Firmware > Update Firmware, then select the .bin file.
Ensure the batteries in the device are in good health before performing any firmware updates.
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