Besides Bitcoin, does Passport support other cryptocurrencies?

No, Passport only supports Bitcoin. We do not have any immediate plans to support other cryptocurrencies, and are laser-focused on building the best Bitcoin hardware wallet.

Does Passport include a mobile or desktop app?

No, Passport is designed instead to work with most popular Bitcoin wallets and services. This ensures that you have the ability to select your preferred software wallet, instead of being forced to use our software or services. And it also ensures that Passport strives for mass-compatibility with the Bitcoin ecosystem.

What software wallets are compatible with Passport?

Passport is compatible with any software wallet that supports PSBTs (partially signed Bitcoin transactions). This standard is supported by Coldcard, so it’s likely that any software wallet that supports Coldcard also supports Passport.

This includes Bitcoin Core, Electrum, Wasabi, BTCPay, BlueWallet, Sparrow, Specter, and more.

At first, most of these wallets will support Passport via microSD card. We plan to work with them to add compatibility for Passport’s camera via QR codes. BlueWallet and Specter currently support PSBTs over QR codes, and we expect most popular wallets will also support QR codes by the time Passport ships. Thank you to Blockchain Commons for putting together a standard format for data transmission via QR codes.

Does Passport support PSBTs and multisig?

Yes, Passport supports both single-sig and multisig PSBTs.